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Rock will NOT die...
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My art that 8 out of 10 should never be taken seriously. Most all of my work is in literature, though I do have a few doodles, journal skins, and gifs floating in my gallery that I've made.


Some of the amazing art that I find on this website.


Hiei by tariah23

An easily recognized character from the 90s. When it appeared in my notifications, I just knew that I had to check it out. Hiei is by f...

Jinxx.::Does this looks (cutely)UNSURE to you?!::. by DarkRedLuna

This is so cute! I could help but just find it greatly adorable. When I seen it I just knew I had to favorite it. You captured the Unsu...



Reader Inserts (One-shots ONLY)
Reader Inserts (also known as x Reader) of almost any kind! You must follow these rules otherwise your commission will be denied!

Things that I will not write...
  • Angst
  • Eating disorders.
  • Domestic abuse.
  • Or anything else that'd be counted as triggering for people.
  • Yandere fics (and exception to this would be Akashi Seijurou from Kuroko no Basuke Akashi Smirking Icon)
  • Characters I don't know/understand.
  • Series that I don't know/understand.
Depending on what you like, the price can very between 10~25 :points:. The length can also be anywhere between 1,000~5,000+ words.

I do not accept constant requests for a next installment of any of my one-shots. Nor do I accept demands for lemons. If you want a continuation/lemon of a one-shot than you must commission it! My time and effort is not free!
Animated Gifs (of Music Videos, Interviews, etc.)
Bath Time by UnderAbigailsRose
Chris - Angel Eyes by UnderAbigailsRose
Ville's Smoking Mask by UnderAbigailsRose
Are You Fucking With Me? by UnderAbigailsRose
Entoan's Afraid by UnderAbigailsRose
We're Not Playing by UnderAbigailsRose
Point commissions of gifs from your favorite music videos, interviews, vlogs, dramas, and TV shows! Watermark is optional :heart:
Journal Skins
Da Kurlzz ::PC:: by UnderAbigailsRose
Spencer Reid Journal Skin ::PC:: by UnderAbigailsRose
Hollywood Undead ::PC:: by UnderAbigailsRose
CM Punk Journal Skin by UnderAbigailsRose
Ville Valo Skin by UnderAbigailsRose
Chris and Kuza Journal Skin (ASK BEFORE USE!) by UnderAbigailsRose
Cheap journal skins


BOTDF Journal Skin Commission by UnderAbigailsRose
xVampireCatx's Journal Skin Commission by UnderAbigailsRose
Ricky Journal Skin... by UnderAbigailsRose
Chris and Kuza Journal Skin (ASK BEFORE USE!) by UnderAbigailsRose

Add 5 :points: for special photo minip journal skins as such:

Resident Evil Journal by UnderAbigailsRose


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Will feature Art/Commission Prices of other users for a small fee of 5 points! 5 Points = 1 Month Feature! 60 Points = 1 Year. Max Art Feature is 3 from User's Gallery.

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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: There's a New Creep On The Block - SWPB
  • Reading: Stuff
  • Watching: EntoanThePack's Let's Plays~
  • Playing: with Levi, Noiz, and Clear
  • Eating: with Levi, Noiz, and Clear
  • Drinking: Hawaiian Dancer!

Okay, so I figured out how I’m gonna do this bitch and the lovelykurokonodrabbles is making a page for it for me, so go worship my cute kouhai for being fabulous, AND I FIGURED OUT HOW I’M GONNA TAG IT/NAME IT!

The name will be «The Love which Ayakashi give» as a sort of play off of “The Basketball which Kuroko plays” so I thought why the hell not? And it gives it that otome game like vibe, too. So that’s a bonus. Now, how am I gonna tag it, you might ask? Well, it’s very simple, really. The tag for it will be “Ayakashi no Ai” because I love simplicity for my tags 99.9999% of the time.

But Mama Nidiot, how are you going to write it?

Easy, my children. I’ll simply show you with this lovely visual!


In total there will be 10 “parts” for each character, with 3 “common chapters” that allow you to make two different choices. In total there are 3 (4?) choices to be made, with the last choice leading to one of 2 endings. You have the “Honey (Fluff)” ending, and the “Sweet (NSFW)” ending (Yay for no angst endings!). Depending on the choices you make, each ending has 6 chapters! //screams very loudly

So, if we do not count the “Common Route” (aka official chapter 1 which will give you 6 choices to chose those hot demons), there will be a grand total of 60 chapters! 60 chapters of demonic Generation of Miracles goodness, guys!

And because that is a fucking LOT to write (mainly for little ole me), I will be doing a poll from sometime this week to the end of January to figure out which member’s route will be written first and continue from there.

On top of doing regular asks and managing my other blogs, and my deviantart (plus personal life, but who cares about that?)this project might take me a whole year to finish, if not longer. So please be patient with me.


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Tori (Crystal)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Proud Pansexual

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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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I'M AN Anderson's Assholes Stamp by laprasking

:star:Ville Valo (of HIM) playing with Dildos:star::…

Vid of the Week 1:…

Vid of the Week 2 (Jesse Valo)!:…

:star: MY DEVIANTART FAMILY!!!!!!!! :star:

Lesbian Lover: MornaStar

Daughter: RavelynxHorror

Little Half sister: BloodRedSilentSnow

Long Lost Twin Sister: AlysonRose

Older Sister and Senpai/Taicho: Rheehemoth

Cousin: Jennifer-Nore-Hardy

Student: Xx-Rinalitta-xX

Wife: NeonPokemon

Older Otaku Sister: KymmieCup

Crazy Sister Who Likes Anime and Wrestling: LilMissTrickster

Crazy Sister That is Obsessed with Ashley Purdy: Wildchildforever

That one little sister who likes to feel the Noiz: DragonA7X

Levi Ackerman's tight leather pants/My Mexican Cousin: Synthetic--Ecstasy

Noya-senpai, my trash crow bae: KeiHoshi

Suga-Mamma, mothering the trash crows 24/7: CelestialTrashPrince

:star: RANDOM (I guess...) :star:

Don't forget to :iconputyagunsonplz:!! Date's Engrish video:…

Ok, I have many names, but you can call me Crystal or Crissy. I have a "Man-Self" who's my twin named Crisz. He's a total manwhore and bi sexual.

Age: I've turned 18 on June 30th, I was born in 1994.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog/Cancer (69 baby!)

Likes: Blond men who are older than myself (Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore being no exception), gothic/punk/scene/emo guys, rock'n'roll, acting, comedy, Japanese language, Japanese Music, wrestling, TNA, WWE, writing, Japanese candy/sweets, some Yaoi, OC stories, music, etc...

Hates: Most things related to my Mexican side of the of the family (my dad's retarded family), country music, retarded people (not with mental disorders though), spicy foods, some perfumes that smell like old lady, haters, backstabbers, liars, con-artist, abusers, serious drug addicts (such as heroin, meth, cocaine, etc), and a whole bunch of other things.

Again, I got Hatsuharu. But better this time.

Which Fruits Basket character are you?
Your Result: Hatsuharu
You are most like the year of the cow, Haru, from Fruits Basket. You are a born rocker bad a** with a mysterious, confusing side as well. You can be nice to some people, but when you get mad, you fly off the handle and go on a rampage. Despite your anger management issues, you're a nice person with a unique, rebellious personality.
Result Breakdown:
92% Hatsuharu
72% Kyo
57% Yuki
55% Shigure
43% Ayame
27% Tohru
20% Momiji
Quiz URL:…

Personal Quote: I would If I could. But I can't, so I won't~ Me!

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