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•Date Masamune's Point of View•

Sighing I uncrossed my arms and moved to the place where the timid woman was once standing. "Oh man. How troublesome." I muttered while looking around. The dark clouds rolled across the skies as it became late into the night and the air was cooling. I looked down.

Resting on top of the sand covered ground was a light pink, almost white, comb in the shape of fully bloomed Sakura blossoms. I crouched down and picked it up. Small little red stones were placed at the tip of each petal and varied in shades. It was very elegant and lovely. Turning around did I walk back to the room I was staying in; the comb clasped loosely in my hand. Now I know I'd have another chance to talk with her if this happens to be hers, which I have no doubt in my mind that it is. I turned and just stood there on the porch; leaning against a pillar.

Looking up at the full moon I just stood there for a minute or two. It was such a nice night out. But something felt wrong. Looking around again before walking back into my room for the night. Closing the shoji screen behind me I went and laid back down on the futon. Sighing again I closed my eyes as I allowed my body and mind to slip away.


It was about mid-day and I was back in my own room in Oshu. Taking a look around I placed my hands up either of my sleeves as I walked over to the open screens. I stood on my wooden porch as I looked out across the gardens.

"Masako, get back here!!" I heard a woman yell. The sounds of feet slapping against the wood could be heard coming closer to my place. I stood still and waited as my hand slipped from its place up my kimono sleeve to encase the hilt of my sword.

A small boy with shaggy black hair ran around the corner and wrapped himself around my legs. "Touchan!! Kachan is after me!" he cried while trying to hide his small body. I cocked a single eyebrow at the kid.


"Masako, it's bath time. Now get back here you troublesome child of mine!" walking calmly around the corner was something I would never thought I'd see.

She still wore her form fitting bottoms and tunic top, but instead of black and silver it was blue with a silver sash. That shimmering black hair of hers hung down to her mid thighs and swung to and fro behind her. "Aiko?" I asked. A smile pulled at those tempting lips as she came closer. The kid clung even tighter to my legs. I bent down after letting go of the hilt of my sword to pluck the boy off my body by the collar of his cream colored kimono. I just simply held him as he thrashed about with his short legs.

"My husband, I am deeply sorry to trouble you with our son." A shiver ran down my spine at the word
husband. The kid just stopped completely once Aiko took him from me and cradled him against her side. He pouted with his arms crossed over his chest while glaring his blue eyes away from the smug looking woman.

Ruffling the kid's hair I moved closer to the woman whom stood in front of me. "The kid is no trouble if he leads you to me." I tilted her head back some with one lone finger. A blush stained her cheeks a rosy pink.
WOO!! Chapter THREE IS POSTED!! -Wipes forehead- Wahh, chapters are popping out left and right. Only three days ago the first chapter was posted, two days ago the second was posted, and today the third one was posted!! :D

PLZ tell me if it's good, bad, or okay. But serious flames that DON'T help in any shape or form will be marked as spam.

Aiko and Masako (c) by me, so don't steal without asking first. Unless you're drawing them. Then just drop me a link.

Date Masamune is (c) by Capcom and FUNimation.

EDIT: If groups don't accept a deviation just based on its preview image, then that's clearly on fair to the deviant who made it. Also, the preview image was made by me with the help of *Rebel-Outlaw made on SAI and PSP along with images found on google... I don't own the images, their respective parties do.

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Next Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 4
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