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April 27, 2011
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•Aiko's Point of View•

I leaned against the cool stone wall of Takeda Shingen's home. My blush was consuming my whole face. I can't believe he saw me! I'm so embarrassed. I crouched down with my back still against the stone wall as I hid my face in my hands. "That's so embarrassing! I cannot believe the Dokuganryū saw me dancing..." slowly I ran my fingers thru my hair; only to have them freeze.

My comb was gone. I quickly stood up and allowed my hair to sway behind me to its full waist length. Oh no. Where could it be? That comb was a gift; one that I held close to heart; only second to the women in my team. I shot off in search of the only thing that I loved with all my being. "How could I be so careless?" I scolded myself while landing on top of a roof. My eyes narrowed as I looked out across the grounds.

A kunai landed only inches from the person's foot whom stood behind me. "Whoa. Easy there!" my eyebrow started twitching. I knew that voice anywhere. "Hi to you to, good lookin'." I turned and growled at him. He smirked in return while having his hands up in front of him. "What? Can't I say hi to a fellow shinobi? Mainly you, of all people, Aiko."

I stuck out my leg and swept his from from under him so he could crash against the tiles of the roof. "Sarutobi Sasuke... What do you want?" I asked while glaring at him as said man laid on his back. My blush had long since vanished as I took this as a chance to twist my hair into a high bun and sticking two black and silver chopsticks to hold the bun in place. Hanging from a thin chain that was connected to the end of both hair pieces was a silver dragon curled around a navy blue orb. They were once my mothers before that day; the day before she had given me her families heirlooms that were passed down from Mother to Daughter. I ran my hand over the clasp of my black leather collar. Underneath hid the most disgusting thing about me; the reason I will never have children or a husband of my own.

"Aw, why don't you leave your hair down? You look better that way." Stated the male shinobi as he stood back up; only to reach out for my hair sticks. I slapped his hand away and held a needle at his throat. "Jeesh. Why so hostile? Did the Dokuganryū get you that hot and bothered." My face heated at his double meaning. "I just wanted to see you with your hair down is all."

I glared at Sarutobi Sasuke. "Last time I checked you weren't my husband or a sibling of mine. You have no right to see me with my hair down." I scowled while stashing the needle away.
Don't get me wrong, I love Sasuke cos he's so damn funny, but I figured with how he acts with Kasuga would really get on Aiko's nerves. So this is the result.

I just realized how short my chapters are getting... Has anyone else noticed that too? Normally my chapters are long and detailed while this. IDK. I have more dialog to work with in this series than the others I guess.

Well, best wrap this up, I gotta leave soon to get to my bus stop for school... :shakefist: I don't wanna go!! I have Math for first block, eck.

Anyways, I shall :worship: :iconteamrakenzan: for being my beta and new, and very good, friend of mine. Do me a favor and go check out her gallery. She has some great work that tops some that I've seen here on dA!!

Okay, Sengoku Basara is (c) by Capcom and FUNimation

Aiko and everyone else is (c) by me. So don't steal or I'll sue.

EDIT: If groups don't accept a deviation just based on its preview image, then that's clearly on fair to the deviant who made it. Also, the preview image was made by me with the help of *Rebel-Outlaw made on SAI and PSP along with images found on google... I don't own the images, their respective parties do.

Previous Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 3

Next Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 5
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UnderAbigailsRose Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Eh. But it's so short!!
i don't care, but if you don't like it make it longer
UnderAbigailsRose Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i was only making a suggestion, you said it was too short
UnderAbigailsRose May 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I asked 'Don't you think its short?' in comparision to my other work durr.
not really, plus since you don't like doing access detail it won't be all that long
UnderAbigailsRose May 4, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Never said I didn't like doing access detail woman. :iconteamrakenzan: said it was good enough and for me to post it. And I did just that, Savvy?
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