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•Date Masamune's Point of View•

The birds chirped on the other side of the screen in the morning. I arched my back until it cracked. I felt better than ever. But I couldn't help but think of that dream I had last night as I slid my armor back on.

Kojūrō entered the area just as I was getting up with my claws strapped to my side.

"Hey Kojūrō," I greeted my second in command.

"Good morning Boss Masamune." He greeted in return while bowing his head. I walked past him to enter the garden. I drew one of my swords from its sheathe as I took my stance and swung the blade.

Hm. I healed better than I first thought.

"Looks like the wound you took at Nagashino has healed,

I paused and looked over at Kojūrō. "Yeah. I can set off to take the Demon King's head anytime."

"It relieves me to see that you've recovered."

I scuffed softly. "Look who's talking." I looked down at the blade in my hand. "Want to duel me again, Kojūrō?" I asked.

I swung down while stepping forward. "I will." He answered. "I'm available anytime you need a sparring partner." I went back to my training while he talked. "Lord Masamune..."

"What's wrong?" I asked while holding the sword over my head before swinging it down.

"I'm prepared to receive my punishment after we've defeated the Demon King and conquered the lands."

"Eh?" stopping I turned to look at him.

"No matter what the reason is, I must be punished since I pointed my sword at you--" I swung my sword and pointed the tip at his throat.

"I'll cut you down right now if you keep on talking about stupid shit." I promised.

Kojūrō lost that shocked look on his face and smiled while I took my blade away. "Boss Masamune..." I smirked back at him.

"Hey Kojūrō, have you seen that Kunoichi?" I asked while sheathing my sword.

"The one with the pale green eyes?" I nodded. "Last I seen she was resting in a tree while looking at the sky." I walked away then. "Boss?" called Kojūrō.

I waved back at him while walking. "Just going for a walk; don't worry so much or you'll go gray long before I do." Then I was out of his sights. "Now where could you be?" the clouds rolled across the sky and looked like it was about to pour.

"Mistress Aiko, please come on down. Master Sarutobi Sasuke has returned with his report."

The sound of someone hitting wood was heard. "I don't fucking care what that bastard has to report! He has the nerve to try and take my hair down when he knows very well that only a male family member of blood or my husband is allowed to see me in such state. As the last member of my family I will hold true to my family ways. No one except my future husband will see my hair down."

"Mistress Aiko..."

"I already know." She sighed.

"I was talking about the fact that Oshu no Dokuganryū was listening in on your rants of Takeda's head Shinobi."

A loud THUD was heard. "Itai..." Aiko whined. "H-How can you be so sure about this Kage?"

"For the simple fact that I can see his Right Eye coming this way." I turned and looked behind me to see none other than Kojūrō.

"Boss Masamune! Takeda's shinobi has some information for us." He called out. Sighing I turned and walked over to Kojūrō.

"Mistress Aiko. It'd be best if you went as well. Acting as Lady Zakura's eyes, ears, and body it'd be best if you went."

"Dammit. I hate your logic Kage. Fine, I'll go." I looked up to see Aiko standing on the roof of the building I was standing next to.

-Some Time Later-

"Akechi Mitsuhide killed him." The shinobi reported.

I could feel the still healing wound in my side throb painfully at the thought of that bastard.

"Since Tokugawa officially declared his intent to annul his alliance with Oda, Akechi acted as the representative of the Demon King and brutally killed the defenseless Tokugawa."

Aiko lowered her head as she clutched the fabric of her bottoms. Kage stood behind her quietly as the thunder could be heard outside. "Oda and his men. They have no honour. Killing a defenseless man. Just the thought could make me sick."



Yukimura was also clutching at his pants as well. "Lord Ieyasu... What heartache this must bring to Tokugawa's retainers. They devoted everything to him..."

Kojūrō looked at me first before looking back a head. "Does this mean that Akechi didn't accompany Nobunaga on his Kyushu campaign?"

"Yes, this could be the only answer if Master Sarutobi Sasuke's report is true." Answered the woman known as Kage. "If I'm not mistaken this could only mean that others did not accompany Oda?" she derected this question to Takeda's shinobi.

"You couldn't be even more right. Based on the intelligence we've gathered, it wasn't just Akechi. Neither Nouhime, the Demon King's Bride who is quite powerful by her own right within his army, nor Mori Ranmaru, the archer, accompanied him."

Old man Takeda nodded his head once. "He might plan to send his main force to suppress Kyushu while using the others as assassins, and sending them after us."

A scowl marred Aiko's lips.

"We have yet to recover from the battle at Nagashino and are currently unable to surround him."

"And I cannot send any of my women seeing as they are needed here to take care of the injured. Only two are out scouting as we speak and should be returning within the hour."

The woman looked stressed as she bit her lower lip in thought.

"Break up the alliance of the eastern countries and attack them individually?" asked Kojūrō.

"Sound like a good plan that any person would use. But any true warrior would prefer a head-to-head battle." The soft spoken shadow commented.

"If that's what they're doing, will their next target be old man Takeda, the Kunoichi Aiko, or will it be me? Or perhaps..." all three shinobi looked like they understood what I meant.

"I've already sent envoys to Echigo to deliver the news." He sated.

Aiko scuffed. "It would've saved us time if you went instead of your men. I highly doubt they know all the short cuts to Echigo like you do. By any chance did you give one of them something to ID themselves to the War God?" she crossed her arms under her breast.

"Why not go yourself if you're so worried, Aiko." Teased the shinobi.

A soft giggle escaped the standing woman's throat but tried to cover it up by coughing.

"Unlike some I happen to be skilled in many fields besides stalking others. One of those skills deals with wounds, such as those dealing with bullets. But if you want to continue this childish argument then, by all means, go right a head. Just know I want lower myself and argue back." Aiko stood and was about to walk away when the male shinobi opened his mouth again.

"What about last night then? I must say you're very cute when angry."

Yukimura's eyes widen. "Sasuke, what about Mistress Kasuga?" a fist struck the male shinobi in the face.

"I'm so gonna kill you Sarutobi Sasuke!" a blush darkened her face.

Calmly did her shadow place her hand on the angered woman's shoulder. "Mistress, your anger is getting the best of you. If you wish we could spar in a bit. But first let me see to Master Sarutobi Sasuke while you go cool off." Aiko shrugged of her hand and left the room.

I just smirked at the sight, finding it quite funny. It lowered the stress levels. The lone woman walked over to the, now bleeding, male shinobi.

"Itai... Why the hell must she be so damn strong?" he complained while trying to stop the blood flow.

-Some Time Later-

It was now down pouring outside as I sat on the porch with Kojūrō. One of the men from the village ran to Old man Takeda and told him about something called The Dragon King's Dike. The old man left quickly.

I had a bad feeling about this as I sent three of my men after to help. "Kojūrō..."

"Yes Boss Masamune." We both stood to leave after I noticed Yukimura's disappearance.

"Mistress Aiko,"

"I know Kage. Even that bastard Sarutobi felt it. Usagi went with Lord Takeda's cub, right?"

"Yes, she did. Seems she's fond of the young man already. And we both know how hard that is."

"That I know as well. Once Jun returns be ready. I have a feeling something horrid is going to happen. You stay while I go and see to it nothing befalls the Tiger of Kai."

"I expect that the young Lord of Oshu is about to join the others."

"Then I shall follow and be the shield for both the Tiger of Kai and Oshu's One-Eyed Dragon."

Around the corner came both women. A stoic look masked any emotions Aiko was feeling as she bowed. "I'll take my leave then," the shadow stated before disappearing.

"Let's go." Was all I said before we left.

-Little while later-

Aiko stood between mine and Kojūrō's horses as she looked down at the scene before her. That bastard was just playing around with Takeda. Threatening to destroy anything and everything should the old man leave. It made my blood boil at the thought of such act.

That druken state he was in before consumed his actions as he twisted and blocked the giant axe the old man used. Both Kojūrō and I quickly got off our horses and ran over to the edge and looked down for a better view.

"Lord Masamune..."

"Akechi, that bastard!" I swore.

With just a slice of that twisted freak's scythe did he slice right into the giant rock pressed against the dike.

Quickly water was flowing out at a rapid pace.

The dike finally broke and threaten to wash everyone away with its current.

"Master Yoshinao! Master Samanosuke! My Lord!" yelled Yukimura before looking up.

Coming down from the dark sky was Akechi swinging his scythe. The blade struck Takeda right by the neck as blood started spurting out. That bastard used the Tiger of Kai as a stepping stone while pushing the wounded man into the water.

"My Lord!" yelled Yukimura as he dove right in after the Tiger of Kai. Following shortly after the kid was the ever hyper rabbit who looked like she seen a ghost of some sort.

I quickly drew my blade along with my second in command as we both got ready to go against Akechi.

"I wanted to savour it slowly." The freak mumbled to himself on the other side of the flooded dike. "But this sensation is fantastic, Tiger of Kai." Slowly did Akechi turn around to look over at us.

"Akechi Mitsuhide..."

"You bastard, don't think you'll get away unharmed!" I yelled.

"So you're still alive, One-Eyed Dragon." That sick freak seems almost delighted. Akechi's visible eye widen in delight as it landed on Aiko who started unsheathing her crimson hilted katana. "Why if it isn't my dear little Aiko-chan. My Sakuramai deeply miss tasting your blood while I hear you scream. Such as lovely sight with an equally lovely sound!" the woman froze as her pale green eyes widen. Lightning and thunder crashed in the background as the heavy rain drenched us to the bone. "You remember me, don't you, my little Aiko-chan?" again did the lightning and thunder crash behind us.
The fifth chapter!! It's more dead set with the anime story line during episode nine. And most of the dialog is straight from the show (only cos I paused it and copied the subs :XD:!! I know I'm a cheater).

Thanks to :iconteamrakenzan:!! She's the greatest.

Also, don't forget to :iconputyagunsonplz:!!

Aiko, Kage, Usagi, Lady Zakura, Jun, and anyone else never mentioned are (c) by me, so don't steal or I sue if you don't ask before hand.

Sengoku Basara is (c) by Capcom, FUNimation, whom ever makes the manga, and history itself.

EDIT: If groups don't accept a deviation just based on its preview image, then that's clearly on fair to the deviant who made it. Also, the preview image was made by me with the help of *Rebel-Outlaw made on SAI and PSP along with images found on google... I don't own the images, their respective parties do.

Next Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 6

Previous Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokugaryu 4
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