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May 4, 2011
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•Aiko's Point of View•

I froze as I looked over at the sickly looking man with long silver hair. My back felt like it was on fire. "Maybe I should  refresh your memory!" the man called out before charging at me.

My swords were forgotten as I danced out of the way of the swinging scythe. I turned and tried to move around him but the tip of his blade caught my left shoulder and sliced down to my opposite hip. My tunic was destroyed completely as only scrap clung to my skin to cover my chest. That feeling. How could I have ever forgotten that feeling.

It felt like I never left that hell hole.

"You remember!! My little Aiko-chan remembers the pleasure she gave me as I sliced up that once untouched peach skin!" blood ran freely down my left arm as I pulled out the katana with the black hilt.

"Bastard!" it sounded like Lord Masamune.

Blinking hard a few times I watched as the Lord of Oshu smirked. "His eyes look the same as when he killed Azai. He's a crazy bastard."

"Boss! Master Katakura!" yelled Date's men as they arrived on site. My eyes sight started to blur as I fell to one knee.

"Head downstream with the rest!" yelled Katakura Kojūrō.

The man left and ran quickly downstream as Katakura turned back to face Akechi. "Kojūrō, don't hold back against this bastard."

"Roger. Let's finish him off here."

Both of their auras blasted as they charged. I could do nothing but watch in awe at such power.

"Death Fang!" yelled the cocky Lord of Oshu was he slashed at the creep with three of his six claws.

Budump, budump!

My heart raced under my breast as I felt it. Like a strange tugging at my core that pulled me towards the fight.

"That's great!" both Master Katakura and Lord Masamune gasped in shock. "There aren't many lucky enough to taste the swords of the One-Eyed Dragon and the Right-Eye of the Dragon at the same time, right?" he laughed as he sent a glaring green light at the two.

But sadly I was still in its path. I tried to stand but my body just rejected me as it got even closer.

Strong arms wrapped around my waist and knees as the person picked me up and jumped away in time. How could I be so careless?

I looked up at the enraged face of my saviour. My cheeks colored as Lord Masamune gently sat me down away from the fighting. "Stay here. I'll get that bastard back." And he left to join back up with his second in command.

That creep jumped high into the air and landed back on the other side of the flooded dike on his horse.

"Shit." cursed the young Lord.

"I've just savoured the taste of the Tiger of Kai. It'd be bad for my body if I overate. Besides, you have an important role to play." Giggling that freak rode off on his horse.

"What?" asked Masamune. Both he and Katakura sheathed their weapons before the young Lord made his way over to me. "Can you stand?" he asked while kneeling down. I moved my legs and pushed myself up but fell forward. He quickly caught me in his arms.

"S-Sorry..." I stammered as I looked down.

He didn't say anything but picked me up bridal style and walked over to his horse. "Just hold on tightly." He said while putting me on before getting on in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his waist as the large animal started to move. I wasn't used to riding a horse with another person.

I looked down as the rain washed away the blood on my back and arms. I felt so useless. My ego; or lack thereof, was abused. And badly might I add. My fingers curled and grasped the blue fabric of the young Lord's over coat. It felt so soft against my fingertips.

"My Lord!! My Lord!! Please don't do this to me!! My Lord!!" that sounded like Sanada Yukimura.

"Shit." Swore the man I was clinging to. Picking my head up I spotted Master Sanada leaning over the KO'd Tiger of Kai. Standing a few feet away from the young man, who was shaking his Lord's shoulders, was Usagi with her hands clasped in front of of doll like body.

"Usagi..." I whispered quietly.

The young girl's ears perked up under her wet red hair as she turned her cyan colored orbs over to look at me perched on the back of the Lord of Oshu's horse. "M-Mistress..." the sad looking girl ran to my side and gasped in shock or horror at the sight of my back. "Mistress Aiko, who did this to you?" she asked, but I didn't give her an answer. A rage I never felt before washed over my being as a few men picked up the Tiger of Kai and got ready to bring him back to his estate. These men were placed under my care and one was wounded in the fight to protect his people. That bastard Akechi had hurt my pride in more ways than one as we made way for Takeda Shingen's home.

Taking one arm away from the One-Eyed Dragon's waist I brought it up to touch the slowly bleeding gash. Pulling my hand away I saw that it was stained red once more. But this time it was my blood. For the first time in five years my own hand was tainted in my own blood.
-Yawns- Well it's 1:41am here in Battle Creek. I'm tired and playing POTC Online is fun, but I really need a crew to help protect me ship!!

Other than that, you all know the drill. Sengoku Basara is NOT mine (how I wish it was though), but Aiko and the rest ARE. So no steal or I sue.

Also, much love and thanks to :iconteamrakenzan: for being a great help!!

So good night, eh, savvy?

I'll be up in about three and a half hours to get ready for school. But I might not be on until way late tonight (TNA iMPACT and Chrono Crusade). To TTFN, Ta ta for now.


Okay, *TeamRAKENZAN gave me this idea and I'm gonna do it.

DOUBLE EDIT: If groups don't accept a deviation just based on its preview image, then that's clearly on fair to the deviant who made it. Also, the preview image was made by me with the help of *Rebel-Outlaw made on SAI and PSP along with images found on google... I don't own the images, their respective parties do.

Previous Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 5

Next Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 7
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