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May 23, 2011
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•Date Masamune's Point Of View•

It didn't take long for us to reach the Old man's estate. The Kunoichi, Aiko, kept a firm hold around my waist as we passed thru the gates. I looked down to see her fisting my over coat; turning her knuckles white as they stretched over the skin.

That bastard Akechi. What did he do to her? just thinking about that prick made my blood boil as my skin prickled for the need to fight.

"I'm sorry Lord Masamune. I was of no help..."

"Eh?" I turned my head and looked at her. Aiko had it so her bangs covered most of her face. That irked me slightly. "Ya don't need to appologize for shit. Last time I checked you charged at him first before Kojūrō and I had our fun with that sick bastard." I told her while looking back a head. Her arms tighten around my torso.

"Arigato, Lord Masamune..." my spine stiffened as she rested her head between my shoulders. I could feel the body heat Aiko was giving off as it seeped into my being. My horse stopped and I got ready to dismount but couldn't with her arms still wound around me.

"Oi, Aiko, mind letting me go so I can get off?" her arms quickly retreated; as if I shocked her or something. I got off the animal and looked at the woman still siting atop of it. Her face was cherry red as she bit her lower lip. I smirked at her, making her face burn brighter.

That shy look really looks good on her. I blinked once. Did I really think that? Sighing I picked her up off the horse gently, careful of her back, before walking inside the estate. Aiko blushed again while covering her face with her hands.

"Lord Masamune, I'm too heavy to be carried!"

I scoffed and looked down at her. She weighed almost nothing in my arms. I kicked one of the shoji screens apart and walked in; setting her down softly on the ground before turning and leaving for some supplies. As I walked out there stood that one woman with different shades of blue eyes. She held a white case and passed it to me. I cocked an eyebrow at her before shrugging and going back into the room.

Aiko was removing the scraps that was once her tunic; exposing her naked upper torso. Heat rushed towards my cheeks as I looked away.

Small waist, large hips, and eaqually large chest... dammit. I swore silently to whatever power there is for placing me in this type of predicament. I coughed into my fist making her whip around while covering her chest with her arms. Dammit... Aiko's face was bright red as she tried in vain to cover herself up.

"L-Lord Masamune! This is highly improper!!" I dragged a gloved hand thru my hair as I walked over to her. "Lord Masa--" I cut her off by covering her mouth with my hand.

"Turn around so I can look at your back." I ordered before removing my hand. She nodded and turned around so I could see the damage done. Grimacing at the sight I started cleaning her wounds. A silent hiss of pain was heard but she held still as I continued across her back. Occasionally my fingertips would brush against an old scar that dusted acrossed her back. "How ya get them?" I asked while coming to her hip.

Aiko moved her head so she could see me out of the corner of her eyes. "That bastard. The one you called Akechi. It happened a few years ago, on one of my assassination missions." She sighed before looking forward once more. "It was my first solo mission ever. And I end up getting caught by my target cause one of my fellow shinobi sold me out. And it wasn't pleasent. The man owned a damned brothel and he decided to throw me in with the other women he held. But because I would fight back he decided to have the men pay to break me instead. And his highest paying customers were members of the Oda faction; namely one Akechi Mitsuhide."

A sick twisting feeling was felt deep inside my gut at the thought. People think I'm a guy that likes brothels, but Hell no; you'd never catch me dead in one. Something my father taught me was to respect women. That they do a lot more than we give them credit for. Reaching for the badages I held the roll in front of her. "Mind helping?" I asked. She took the roll and unraveled it before binding her chest. I helped tighten it in places that it needed to be as we worked together to cover her upper torso.

Standing up I held a hand out to her. Aiko looked at it before up at me, slowly placing her hand into mine as I pulled her up against me. A blush darkened her cheeks. "Just makin' sure you're not gonna fall on our way to see the Tiger of Kai." I stated simply before smirking.
Oo... :iconmasamunedateplz: is angry at Mitsuhide, that sadistic bastard...

-Sniffles- Such a horrid past for my dear Aiko... BUT I WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!!!!!! Bwahahahhahahhahhahahaha :iconevillaughterplz:

Any who, I thank :iconteamrakenzan: and :iconhyugayume: for fixing my errors and giving me the idea for this chapter!!

I do not own Sengoku Basara; its respective parties do.

But I do own Aiko and anyone not apart of the Sengoku Basara/Samurai Warriors series.

Also thank :icondanteplz: from Devils May Cry. I'm re-watching that anime and am getting some ideas. BTW, does anyone know where I can download the opening?

EDIT: If groups don't accept a deviation just based on its preview image, then that's clearly on fair to the deviant who made it. Also, the preview image was made by me with the help of *Rebel-Outlaw made on SAI and PSP along with images found on google... I don't own the images, their respective parties do.

Previous Chapter: Of War, Love, and Dokuganryu 6
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